About Us

Hello this is Azon the owner of attitudestatus.co.in  i’m a professional SEO expert i am doing SEO since 2009, I am living in India’s B-Town. Our team decided to launch a brand new website which provide you amazing attitude status for your right opinion so be with us.

There are many types of personalities around us, but attitudestatus.co.in is specifically a website for the personalities with attitude. Personality with attitudes (must be positive) are kind of soft and good nature, but they look like strict and hard from out side. Our team has gathered the effort to give you best attitude status and all the status are updated and our members update the status on daily basis. We came to know about the interests in attitude status so we have created this website for our previous users. People are active users of social media and we are here to provide you the best attitude status and also our aim is to save your time and give you attractive status for your social media, whatever you use. Our team update the status on daily basis or sometimes of hourly basis to provide you the accurate and latest attitude status.
We always welcome all our users and our visitors and we want all the users and visitors to help us in improving our website. It will be our pleasure if we get feedback from our visitors and users.