attitude status in urdu

Attitude Status in Urdu

Hello everyone we all know that Urdu is Pakistani language and Indians also speak it. Urdu is a traditional language, it is associated with Muslims of Pakistan’s and Indians or subcontinent. Urdu make peace because of its sweetness it is very easy to speak. This is a little quote, “Urdu makes peach and attitude make personality” it’s mean the choice of attitude status in urdu is an amazing choice.

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Let’s talk about my new article which is attitude status in urdu. Today i am writing attitude status in Urdu because of my fan. I always take care of my fans they told me that they could not find any search result of attitude status in urdu. They said you should write an article on attitude status in urdu. Mostly people are writing articles on English and Hindi but they are not writing in Urdu.

Attitude Status in Urdu

attitude status in urdu

  • Tm Ullu kay pathy ho.
  • Main hun patola or tm ho lota 😎
  • Meri life main koi nhi main khudi hun HUH.
  • Bandar main or tm main koi faraq nhi hai.
  • Israil: Jordan main or kutton main kya faraq hai,
    Jordan: Bordar ka. 😂😂😂😁
    Israil: Ye to kutton wali ho gai.
  • Main or tm huh my foot foolish.
  • Kya janu janu karty ho itna nhi pta mujhy kabhi koi maska nhi laga saqta.
  • Kya pesa pesa karty ho pesy pay kyun tm marty ho. 😂😂😂😁

best attitude status in urdu

  • kyun pesa pesa karti ho pesy pay kyun tm marti ho.😂😂😂😁
  • Mujhy say ulaaj ny ki galti uuuuuf mar jao gy.
  • Tm or cute….hahahaha……Hawa any do. 😂😂😂😁
  • Tm nhi ho cute kar lo aab jo karna hai.
  • Study mera passion hai or tm mera fashion
  • aapni shakaq dakh jin bhi dar jai.
  • آپ بے وقوف اور میں رانی ہوں
  • میری جوتی لے اور جہنم میں جائیں
  • میں حیرت انگیز ہوں اور میں جانتا تھا
  • مطالعہ میرا شوق ہے اور آپ میرے فیشن ہیں
  • آپ جہنم کی طرح . ہہ تو براہ مہربانی وہاں جانا

best urdu status

I hope you all will like my status.

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