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Hello folks, today i am going to share with you an awesome article about attitude status for boys. The main purpose of my article is boys. Now-a-days boys make their self, selfish and handsome. No doubt girls want to be a friends with them. So today i am presenting a great article on attitude status boys. Before start i want to tell your my problem, I read a lot of articles about attitude status boys. Unfortunately, i could not find any good article. So my friends today i decided to write this article for you.

20 Latest Attitude Status for Boys English

best attitude boy

  • HUH wild cat.
  • I love your little sister.
  • Alone but happy, this is old.
  • This place will never be end.
  • Only my name is enough for you.
  • You are just a little think for me.
  • I will start my life with my passions.
  • You are not made for me, So go to hell.
  • I don’t want to be more perfect for you.
  • You are foolish and just polish my shoes.

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  • I am perfect i know, But you are not for me.
  • I have girlfriends but still feeling naughty.
  • You are cool and i am hot, lets make a chemistry.
  • Do you want to play a special night game with me.
  • I hope you will remember me when anyone kiss you.
  • When ever i think about you, I think how much foolish i’am.
  • I am single because God is busy to finding some one special for me.
  • I am cool, best, amazing, awesome, rather Most amazing personality in this world.
  • When girl watch me they though i have a lot of girls friends but reality is, i have zero.

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