funny attitude sms msgs and texts

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Hello guys Azone present a new article of awesome attitude sms msgs and texts. Sms is a different way to impress you lover or family persons. You can send them loving sms and msgs text for a little sake and attention to attract you self. Today i am writing attitude sms msgs and text article for my very close fans and friends. A sms can make your face happy and also make your face sad it’s depend what they sent you. Sms types are Funny sms, Cool sms, Sad sms, Lovely sms, Awesome sms, and many more types and people also like funny good morning sms because they want smile in morning. If you have any girlfriend then you have to know about what she send you in the morning and also in evening. So read all attitude sms msgs and text and feel happy and give us some happy reply so we can do more hard work for you.

Latest Attitude Sms Msgs and Texts for Boys and Girls

attitude sms msgs

  • Kaam tq hum 😎 HERO 😎 waly karty hain. Bas ‘Tarika’ or ‘Tevar. Hamary villain waly hain.
  • If you think I am BAD than you’re wrong, I’m the worst.
  • The biggest slap to your enemies is your success.
  • I always arrive late at office but I make it by leaving early.
  • I’m sorry my fault. I forgot you’re an Idiot.
  • I don’t have a bad handwriting, I have my own FONT.
  • My attitude based on how you treat me.
  • Yeah You – The one reading my status, Get Lost!
  • I’m surprised kids haven’t found a way to trick or treat online yet
  • i need to borrow someones kid for Halloween. I miss free candy.
  • Halloween Drinking Game: Drink every-time an Elsa (from Frozen) visits your house.
  • Happy Halloween… may all of your skeletons stay in the closet where they belong!
  • I’m surprised kids haven’t found a way to trick or treat online yet.
  • Could I borrow your face for Halloween? :PI’ll Be Your TrickI’ll be your trick if you’ll be my treat.Halloween

Funny Attitude Sms Msgs and Texts for Whatsapp

funny attitude sms msgs and texts

Gabbar: Kitne Admi the?
Sambha: Sarkar 2.

Gabbar: Mujhe ginti nahi ati, 2 kitne hote he??
Samba: 2, 1 ke Baad ata he.

Gabbar: Aur 2 k pehle??
Samba: 2 k pehle 1 atahe.

Gabbar: To bich me kaun ata he?
Samba: Bichme koi nahi ata.

Gabbar: To phir Dono ek sath Q nahi ate?
Smba: 2, 1 k bad hi aa sakta he Qki 2, 1 se bada he

Gabbar: 2, 1 se Kitna bada he?

Samba: Goli Marni h to Maar de Gabbar,
Tune sirf Namak khilaya hai,
Chavanprash nahi.. 😉

  • TATA ko ab pata chala ki
    NANO CAR Me 2 Problems hain.
  • Aasman pr udte hue Parindy se kisi ne pucha:
    Kya Tumhe Zammen par Girne ka Dar Nai Lagta.

In 2020
Girls Boy ko dekh kar…
“Dekh Yaar kya Item Ja raha hai Sala,
Oye Murgey Tera no. kya hai..??”
Boy: Behan ji Aap ke Ghar me Bhai Baap nahi hen kaya..?
Girl: Bhai Baap hen par Tu nahi hai na Re Chikne.

Teacher: Tum late kion aye ho?
Student: Ammi Abbu lar rahy thay eslie
Teacher:Wo lar rahay thay tu tum kion late aye
Student: Mera ek joota ammi ke pas tha owr
ek abbu ke pas

Jin: Kiy hukam hai mere aaka?
Student: Mere taraf se perhye tum ker lo
Jin: Aaka.. Hukum karo bakwas nai

Thief ne apni mangetar ko diamond ring gift ke. Mangetar: is ring ke kiya qeemat ho ge?…. Thief: Kuch ni bs 3 saal ke saza

Wo purani filmo wale Papa. hume kyun nahi milte jo bolte the.
Yeh lo blank cheque or dafa ho jao
Meri beti ki zindai se

Youngest sibling is treated like
chota in mechanic shop:
Mera charger pakra de
Pani pila de
Laptop to oper sa la de
Handfree to doondh de
Then Chota aab kuch or dun… zahar or kuch?

  • Girls love is like a chocolate.
    because it’s too sweet. but the taste is short time,
    Caution:every chocolate has an expiry date.
    But boys love is like wine,no expiry date.
    it gives kick to ur body…
    that’s boys love.

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